Black leather leaf collar with onyx oval stones ( sold out)


Soft lambskin leather leaf shapes with onyx stone beads, brass and horn bead closure makes length adjustable.  Hand made in Boulder Colorado by Carol Ann Wachter

Onyx stone is strain of chalcedony, a member of the crystal family and Its quartz system is hexagonal. Onyx is specified as a banded chalcedony in which often the channels of banding are parallel. This banded onyx can often be used in cutting up cameos, once the layered colors tolerate the necessary contrast of background with foreground. Black onyx is the most often made by dying gray chalcedony in several methods.

MEANINGS : Inner strength, focused attention, willpower, self-mastery, discipline, reason.
ELEMENT : Earth.
CHAKRAS : Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye.
COLOR : Black and White.